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The FinalStraw 2.0 is a convenient, environmentally friendly way to sip on all your favorite beverages! With a stainless steel exterior and food grade silicone tubing inside, it's easy to fold up and tote around in the compact carrying case - it's small enough to add to your keychain! It's super simple to clean, too, thanks to the included cleaning brush. Ditch the plastic straws and try out the FinalStraw - you won't want to go back!

  • Straw dimensions: 9" long, fully expanded
  • Case dimensions: 2.75"L x 1"W
  • Cleaning brush extends to 5.7"
  • Materials: Stainless steel and food grade silicone in straw, recycled HDPE in case
  • Total weight: 1.8 oz.
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